Warning – No person other than a qualified Line Clearance Arborist should attempt to trim trees on or near electric distribution lines.  Even incidental and indirect contact with electrical lines or trees in contact with the electrical lines can result in serious injury or death to a human.

Cooperative members play a vital role in managing the vegetation within the ROW on their property. While the Cooperative emphatically prohibits members from trimming or even touching any vegetation within 4 feet of the lowest electrical conductor, there are a number of things a member can do at ground level in the ROW to improve the safety, reliability, and enjoyment of the ROW on their property.

The ideal ground conditions within the ROW would include no undesirable species. Undesirable species are those species whose mature size would interfere with the safe and reliable operation of the electric lines. For example, most hardwoods such as maples, oaks, and cherries are undesirable. Most coniferous trees such as pines and spruces are also undesirable within the ROW.

Identify Sensitive Areas – If individual members have areas within the ROW on their property that they are particularly concerned about, they can notify the Cooperative by dialing 607-746-2341. For example, if you have a spring in the ROW that provides water to your home or your animals and the spring is not easily identifiable, please notify the Cooperative.

Herbicide Treatment Free Option – If individual members wish not to have herbicide treatments on their property, they can notify the Cooperative in writing or by e-mail and their property will be added to a list of herbicide-free properties. Members should submit their requests to office@dce.coop or Delaware County Electric Co-op, P.O. Box 471, Delhi, NY 13753. For more information about the herbicide-free list or to confirm whether your property is on the list, please call 607-746-2341. Herbicide free properties are subject to more frequent cutting and/or mowing by the Co-op. The Cooperative does not use any herbicides of any kind on properties on the herbicide-free list.

Tree Planting – The Cooperative prefers an open ROW, free from any trees or shrubs.  If you decide to plant any woody species within or near the ROW, please consider the mature size of the species before planting.  This tree planting guide offers suggestions on what species can be planted at various distances from the electric lines.

Reporting Dangerous Conditions – Members can call the Cooperative's outage/emergency line 24 hours a day at 607-746-9283 to report a dangerous tree condition.


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