Any person, firm, association, corporation, or political body can become a member of Delaware County Electric Cooperative (click here to view DCEC's Statement of Non-Discrimination) by completing an application agreeing to purchase electric service from the cooperative and agreeing to comply with the articles of incorporation, bylaws and related rules and regulations. The following fees and charges will also apply:

Membership fee

Anyone becoming a member for the first time must pay a $5 membership fee.

Connect Charge

It is the policy of Delaware County Electric Cooperative to charge a connect fee for each connection made.

If you are buying a property that has an existing service, a connection charge will not be applied. If you are renting a property a deposit is required to connect the service. The deposit is refundable after one year if you had 12 consecutive on-time payments. For more information on DCEC's Deposits Policy click here. If you are planning on building a facility that will connect to our line please contact our office for information on connection charges.