Kids Safety Demonstrations

Electrical safety is an important part of our day-to-day work at Delaware County Electric Cooperative (DCEC), and we also provide free Safety Demonstrations for the public and local schools. DCEC encourages schools, community groups, and businesses to an Electrical Safety Demonstration as part of their educational activities. The Safety Demonstration dramatically emphasizes the dangers posed by high-voltage electric lines, both underground and overhead.

Some specific things you'll learn about include:

  • Historical electricity facts
  • Safety precautions around electricity
  • Safe use of electricity
  • Safety around electrical poles, downed power lines, and utility substations
  • Importance of staying away from power lines during outdoor activities such as kite-flying or climbing trees is also stressed
  • Safety equipment used in the electric utility industry
  • Various electrical voltages and circuits
  • Telephone and cable TV wires and the potential of being energized
  • Effects of current on a human body
  • Backfeed of a circuit
  • Effect of contacting energized electric circuits and other hazards possible with various material and equipment
  • Operation of reclosers and fuses
  • Metering and the problems associated with improper disconnection of metering devices

It is important to Delaware County Electric Cooperative and all of our employees to help kids learn how dangerous electricity can be if it is not respected. Our program helps them understand why it's important to take precautions around electricity. Presenters and kids have fun interacting and exchanging questions and answers.

For additional information, to request additional safety materials, or to schedule an Electrical Safety Demonstration, please contact us at (607) 746-2341 or