DCEC has established a cooperative policy entitled "Member-Owned Distributed Generation" as well as "Member-Owned Distributed Generation Procedure" that accommodates members who wish to generate electricity on their own premise using qualified renewable energy resources while remaining connected to the Cooperative’s electrical system (“self generation”). The policy outlines the terms for which members may interconnect their own renewable resource with the Cooperative’s electrical system, and receive financial credit for energy produced by the member-owned system in excess of a member’s consumption.

Member-owned renewable generation is consistent with the Cooperative’s goals of minimizing dependency on fossil fuel sources of energy that is secured for its members while reducing the Cooperative’s contributions to climate change. The Cooperative will make information readily available to members pertaining to the procedures for application and appropriate technical requirements for member-owned generation. It is recognized that industry-established procedures and requirements must be followed to ensure safety of cooperative personnel and the public.

DCEC Member, Frank Eppich's solar installation at his home