Are you interested in a security light at your home or business? DCEC will furnish and install at no expense to the member a Security Light unit, and will make all necessary electrical connections, and will furnish electricity for this unit which will be controlled by a photoelectric cell to energize the unit. These security lights need to be installed on an existing transformer pole or a private meter pole. They will not be installed on a building.

DCEC will maintain the security light unit and will replace the lamp or photo cell if a member calls stating that their security light is not working.

The member will need to furnish a designated location for the Security Light unit, the pole and anchors (if existing transformer pole is not an option), permit any tree trimming required for conductors or unit installation, and to pay for the service at the following rates:                                           

  • $13.39 per month* per 40-Watt unit LED (light emitting diode), “green” unmetered. This is a bright white light but will not cover as large of an area as the high-pressure sodium lights.

     *The above rates are subject to change in accordance with applicable rate schedules.

Please note that the Security Light unit may be removed at any time by DCEC upon the failure of the member to pay the charges. These charges will appear as a separate line item on your bill.

If the security light becomes damaged, the member is liable to pay for that damage.

You must sign a 2-year agreement for a security light. The agreement may be canceled by the member any time after 2 years if a member gives written notice to DCEC. If you would like the security light removed prior to the end of 2 years you must pay for the remainder of the contract.

For more information about existing security lights including maintenance and options or about new security lights please contact the DCEC office.