When DCEC has important information to share and would like to get that information out to all of their members and insert is placed within your monthly bill. If you use SmartHub to pay your bill you would see a link to this insert in your email. Please take the time to read these announcements. If you have accidentally thrown out an insert and did not get a chance to read them, they are listed below. If you have any questions on this information please contact the DCEC office.   

February 2023
-Nominating Committee Info and Member's Corner

December 2022
-Winter Preparedness

February 2021
-AutoPay & DCEC Scholarship Program

December 2020
-Capital Credits

June 2020
-Absentee Ballot Request Form & HQ Move

June 2019
-DCEC's Family Fun Day

April 2019
-Energy Efficiency Programs

May 2018
-2018 Family Fun Event 

February 2018

-AutoPay & Planting Guide

December 2017
- Ash Borer Concerns

April 2017
Increase in Service Charge Effective as of April 2017

April 2016


Why Does my Bill Look Different

February 2016

Contact Information

December 2013
Capital Credits Refund

May 2013
What Happens If My Service Is Disconnected?

December 2012
Capital Credits
Explanation of Charges/Terms Referenced On Your Bill (OUTDATED)

September 2012
DCEC Disconnect and Reconnect Fees

June 2012
Member Recruitment, High Efficiency Hot Water Heater Program

May 2012
Interested In Serving As a DCEC Director? (Includes Nominating Committee members on back/second page)

April 2012
Member Recruitment, Load Management Program

February 2012
 - Member Recruitment, In-Home Display Program
 - NYSEG Security Breach