Preference Power: The Life Blood of New York’s Rural Electric Cooperatives

Under the terms of the federal Niagara Redevelopment Act, the New York rural electric cooperatives are preference power customers of the New York Power Authority (NYPA). The importance of NYPA long‐term hydro‐power contracts to the efficacy of New York's rural electric cooperatives cannot be overstated. These long‐term power agreements result in the delivery of low‐cost electricity to the state's most economically‐challenged areas.

Currently, NYPA provides a total of 764.8 MW to 47 municipal and four rural electric cooperatives in New York State. These preference power contracts expire in 2025. The renewal of these power agreements at favorable rates is essential to the mission of rural electric cooperatives. The continued collaboration with NYPA in securing incremental power supply is also vital to ensuring system reliability and helping to hold down rates