The 78th Annual Meeting of the Members of the Delaware County Electric Cooperative (DCEC) was held on Friday, September 9, 2022 at the Delaware Academy located at 2 Sheldon Drive, Delhi, NY. Policy on member participation at the meeting can be found here

Registration begins at 4:30PM and the business meeting will start at 5:30PM.

During the meeting, officers of DCEC provide reports on the status of the Cooperative. Also during the Annual Meeting, voting members will be asked to ballot on one Director seat up for election as well as three local charities/organizations to receive grant funds. Due to changes in the CoBank grant matching program, DCEC will make applications on behalf of the winners for matching awards when the application process opens in April 2023.

The Charitable 501(c)3 Organizations to be voted upon for grants are:

- The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Delaware County, Inc. 

- Lake Delaware Boys Camp Inc.

- The Greater Delhi Area Foundation


If you are unable to attend the meeting in-person or virtually, you may vote with an absentee ballot at the office or complete a request form in the newsletter

If you are planning to attend virtually, you must complete the form in the newsletter so a link to the meeting will be sent to you.  You will vote with the in-person attendees.

Click HERE for the Annual Meeting Edition of the newsletter.

Once election results are confirmed, they will be posted online here


Ten (10) $50 bill credits and one (1) $500 grand prize will be awarded.  Also, each voting member in attendance will have a special home energy efficiency kit mailed to them


Brooks BBQ dinners will be served after the meeting as carryout although the cafeteria area will be available.  This year, each in-person voting member may RSVP up to two (2) free dinners.  No additional dinners will be available for purchase
Just as a reminder, any member who voted by absentee ballot or electronically or in-person at the Annual Meeting will receive a $10 bill credit which will be applied to the November 2022 bill.

Should you have any additional questions or wish to RSVP dinners, please call the office at (607) 746-2341.