2021 Proposed Bylaw Changes

2021 Proposed Bylaw Changes

 DCEC Board proposes bylaw changes at the 10 September 2021 Annual Meeting

Bylaws are an important governing document for cooperatives and are intended to establish the “rules” for which govern the way a business conducts business.  Each year, the DCEC Board of Directors reviews the Cooperative’s Bylaws to determine whether any changes are necessary.  Changes may be proposed to members in response to industry events and/or to bring the governing document up to contemporary standards.  Many of the original terms of the bylaws date back to the late 1930s and mid-1940s when DCEC was formed and, over time, changes may be necessary to ensure that the document remains current, such as to new laws and other legal requirements or to adapt to changes in technology (e.g. electronic storage of data). 

At the July 2021 Board meeting, DCEC Directors voted to propose several changes to DCEC members for consideration at the 2021 DCEC Annual Meeting on 10 September 2021.  According to New York State law, only DCEC members have the right to change the Cooperative’s Bylaws but the Board, who is directed by the Bylaws, can recommend changes to members. 

The Bylaw changes that the Board is recommending are primarily intended to strengthen governance practices of DCEC and to align to recent changes in New York Cooperative Law. Bylaw changes that are proposed for member vote at the 2021 Annual Meeting include:

Meetings of Members

Director Vacancies

Specific Proposed Changes

"Clean Version" of Specific Proposed Changes