4.            Is there employee training for interacting better with members.

Although the question is geared more to phone conversations, portions apply similarly to interactions in public.

Members most often call or see DCEC personnel when they feel at their most vulnerable such as during outages, construction and billing concerns.  It is understandable that frustration and tempers are running higher.  As such, employees are taught techniques to make the engagement the most positive experience possible.

All employees will participate in annual communications training in November. 

Calls to DCEC will be monitored and recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

As covered in another question, especially with outages, employees will tell you with honesty and sincerity if they do not have an answer.  They will not make up something up with speculation nor deviate from company policies.  They will tell you “Let me find out for you” and/or “that information is not available”

However, please be advised that employees may need to end the conversation or pass you to a supervisor… especially in cases of being threatened with physical violence and/or excessive verbal abuse which is unacceptable regardless of circumstances.