77th Annual Meeting Q & A

77th Annual Meeting Q & A

77th Annual Meeting Q&A

Thank you for attending your 77th Annual Meeting on September 10, 2021. We did manage a quorum with 63 members present. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet some of our members and great feeling to fellowship even in a slightly limited and properly socially distanced setting.  More especially, it was a privilege to watch the 2nd cooperative principle in action...Democratic member control.

Much information was presented as well as several questions and comments from you, the members, before, during and after the meeting.

As stated at the meeting, I would be addressing specific questions, comments and concerns in the newsletter and the website.

Please click on the headings below:



1.            Outage numbers and causes?

2.            Better communication with Members during unplanned outage events.

3.            Better communication with Members during planned outages and events



4.            Is there employee training for interacting better with members.



5.            Is my bill going up this year?

6.            What is a cost-of-service study (COSS)?

7.            Material Cost increases in the near term?



8.            Is AMI going away?



9.            Lobbying activities?

10.          How much of the multi-billion-dollar infrastructure plan are we getting?


Cooperatively Yours,
Christopher N. Evans