Requesting New Electric Service Installation

Requesting New Electric Service Installation

When requesting electric service to a new home or parcel please refer to the information, and steps that will need to be taken, listed below. These steps will be required in order to construct the electric service and energize your property.

When a member contacts DCEC to provide an estimate for the cost of providing electric service to a new service location the applicant is required to:

  1. Complete application and agreement for electric service
  2. Pay in advance a non-refundable application/site visit fee of $150.00

Upon the applicant completing the above requirements, a meeting at the site will be scheduled with the applicant and DCEC personnel to assess the site and gather the necessary information to allow the Cooperative to develop a plan for providing service and cost to the applicant.
Once the applicant/member notifies DCEC of their desire to have the Cooperative proceed with the construction to the new service location they will be required to:

  1. Sign the Cooperative’s standard right-of-way easement agreement ($55.00 recording fee)
  2. Complete and sign a membership agreement
  3. Pay all fees and charges (as noted herein)
  4. Provide wiring inspection on service entrance – refer to specification for type of secondary service installation -  meter base to be purchased at the Cooperative or at a third party vendor.
  5. Pay for other related permit and acquisition costs related to project.

If a return site visit is required, there will be an additional charge of $150.00. Upon completion of the above requirements, the DCEC Operations department shall schedule
the construction of the new service.
DCEC will have the exclusive right to determine route and method of construction. DCEC will not schedule primary underground installations after October 31st. Underground trench excavation and/or conduits are provided by the member. Electric service lines and equipment installed by DCEC will remain the property of the Cooperative. In regards to these general construction requirements the applicant is required to:

  1. Pay additional fees such as $55.00 easement recording fees
  2. Pay additional costs if applicant requests and the Cooperative approves an alternate method or route of construction.
  3. Pay relocation costs if applicant requests relocation of existing facilities
  4. Sign security light agreement, if applicable
  5. Reapply if the project does not proceed within 24 months.
  6. Construction Fee/Footage for primary overhead line installation to permanent structures (new homes):
    • $14.00 per foot
  7. Rock blasting, tree clearing, multiple riser poles, multiple transformers, need for off-road equipment, meter pole and other extraordinary costs will be over and above $14.00 per foot. Extraordinary costs are charged to the member based on estimated time and materials.
  8. Construction Fee/Footage for non-permanent structures (campers, signs, wells, storage building, personal garages, telephone and cable repeaters, temporary service, etc.)
    • 500 plus - $14.00 per foot – includes pole if needed but not meter pole
  9. Construction Fee/Footage for primary underground installation:
    • $29.00 per foot


Please review the Line Extension Policy for New Service by CLICKING HERE for additional information.

Please note that line extensions will require the member to be responsible for a 2-year minimum charge from the date service was made available. All other new services will require a one-year minimum charge from the date service was made available.
In certain circumstances, DCEC may include incremental facilities in the project design that will benefit future projects. The costs for these added facilities will not be the responsibility of the applicant.