Electricity Rates

Electricity Rates

Delaware County Electric Cooperative's rates are established by the Board of Directors with the purpose of providing quality electrical service at cost effective rates.

In an effort to keep our rates objective and current, every five years the Cooperative completes a Cost of Service Study (COSS). The COSS consists of 3 elements:

  • Establishing the Cooperative’s annual revenue requirement
  • Allocating costs equitably across the different rate classifications (different groups of members) 
  • Creating a rate structure for each rate classification to cover the costs to serve each rate classification.

Following the findings of the 2015 COSS, the Board of Directors approved a resolution to revise the rate structure affective April 2016 (see new rate schedule below). Before this resolution was passed at the regular March Board Meeting on March 22nd the Board of Directors held a public meeting open to all members about the proposed rate structure changes. This Member Information Meeting was held on February 23, 2016 in conjunction with DCEC’s regular monthly Board Meeting. Please CLICK HERE to review the approved minutes from said Member Meeting.

Below is a chart of the most current Service Class Rate Schedule.

Class Service Charge Energy Charge Demand Charge
Residential #1 (SC-1) $21.50 / month* $.10895 / kWh $0
Residential #2 (SC-2) $26.50 / month* $.12500 / kWh $0
Small Commercial (SC-3) $21.50 / month* $.11273 / kWh $0
Public Authorities (SC-5) $20.50 / month* $.10326 / kWh $0
  Service Charge Energy Charge Demand Charge
Large Commercial (SC-4A) $40.00 / month $.07500 / kWh $7 / kW
Summer Peaking (SC-4B) $20.00 / month $.08586 / kWh $2.25 / kVA
Industrial - (SC-7) $500.00 / month $.05225 / kWh $6 / kW

*Monthly Fixed Charges shall increase an additional $0.50 in April of each of the following years: 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Additionally, the Formulary Rate Adjustment (FRA) will be $0.003 affective September 2018. For more information about individual rate classes and additional charges/fees please see the links to individual rate classes for more information.