Application for Service

To apply to receive service from the Delaware County Electric Cooperative, an application for “Membership and Electric Service” form must be completed. To request an application form please contact the DCEC office. The application form is to be mailed to DCEC's office at: P.O Box 471, Delhi, NY 13753 or hand-delivered to the Cooperative’s office located at 39 Elm Street, Delhi, NY.

The application form is for Residential Service Class -1 (SC-1) and Residential Service Class - 2 (SC-2) members-customers. 

  • Residential Service Class - 1 (SC-1) is available to members whose residence, at which electricity is being supplied, is a member's permanent legal address. Eligibility for this classification requires the residence to have consistent usage (i.e. >/+50% of kWh usage between Monday through Friday over three months), including farms/businesses with common service with a permanent dwelling. 
  • Residential Service Class - 2 (SC-2) is required for members whose primary legal residence is other than the address for which service is being supplied. After one (1) year of service, a member may become eligible for Service Class - 1 (SC-1) if kWh usage is "high and consistent" (i.e. >8,000 kWh/yr, >50% from Monday - Friday).